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About JH Coaches

Operations Department  


Here is where the administration of business practices is to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. The General Manager John Shipley works with Tony Dunbar and Fred Rattcliff.  They are concerned with converting the staff into services as efficiently as possible, delegating jobs and responsibility. Overseeing drivers hours and assigning staff to duties.


Booking & Enquiries Department


Here is where Helen Geurts and Dan Atchison work very hard to process enquries relating to hire, day excursions and the Blackpool express. Informing customers of private hire prices, vehicle details and taking bookings for our trips. Helen uses her expertise to plan the day excursion annual programme, picking all the best destinations the UK has to offer.  

Accounts and Administration Department 


Kevin Bell and Christine Shipley work very hard to provide accounting services and financial support. The department records accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and all other financial elements. Kevin is our main accountant delegating pay and managing the accounts whilst Christine is our Sales ledger.  

Depot coordinators and cleaners


Michael Thurlaway and Kevin Robinson are responsible for coordinating the coaches in the yard like clockwork for regular cleaning and parking. Whilst additionally they also assist with the cleaning of the exterior of the fleet. Our designated cleaners are Eddie Ruddick and Heather McGurk who concentrate on the interior of the fleet.



We have a team of around 50 drivers with a mix of full-time and part-time workers. The driving work can vary depending on the service with local hire and european tours. Some of the work is for schools, collecting and dropping off pupils, sports teams and educational visits, local and abroad. The drivers also work on service runs for the public. Alternatively they can work on day excursions for small get-a-ways. Generally, there are a whole host of options in regards to the type of work available for our drivers.  

Media/Marketing Department


Christine Shipley and Connor Shipley are the team within the marketing department, working to promote JH Coaches and drive sales of its products and services. They provide the necessary research to identify our target customers and other audiences. Christine oversees the work and is the face of the company, visiting new potential customers. Connor works hard on alot of the practical media presentations like brochures, the website and online material such as videos and images.

Our History 


JH Coaches is a family run business that incorparated Classic Coaches in 2012. Classic Coaches was ran for over 30 years and was a leading business in the coach industry for private hire. JH Coaches was formily known as Jim Hughes Coaches located in sunderland and was a family business ran by Jim Hughes. Ian Shipley, owner of Classic Coaches had been given the oppertunity in 2012 to purchase Jim Hughes coaches and did so. Carrying over coaches and staff from Classic Coaches and changing the name to what we are now known as today... JH Coaches. John Shipley, who is Ians son took over as Managing Director when Classic was incorperated by JH. JH Coaches was taken over with just a small depot and around eight coaches in Sunderland and has grown significantly since. We are now housed in a much larger depot situated in Birtley with a fleet or around 40 coaches and are now again one of the leading businesses in the coach industry.