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January 2018

Date: 13th January 2018

Departing: Sunderland

Arriving: Cardiff


Our Drivers: Ian Trennary, Peter Guthrie


Recently, I travelled to Cardiff City on JH Coaches with A Love Supreme. I'd like to thank the two drivers Peter and Ian for their great hospitality. Both were easy to get along with and made the long drive a lot more tolerable. A big thank you to them both for helping myself and Chris deal with a lad who was ill on the bus. Also, thanks to Ian for the cup of tea! Another thank you to Steven who took over at Woodall on the way back, he was also brilliant.


Ethan Thoburn, A Love Supreme, Sunderland AFC away supporters

Date: 25th January 2018

Departing: Oxford

Arriving: Netherlands


Our Drivers: Stephen Henderson  



Excellent driver and coach. The coach was new, clean and beautiful. The coach had perfect timing, always early. Steven is a top quality driver. Excellent, very good and steady. Take care of your drivers! Steve is a top professional.




Dr George Blumbag, Trip leader, Oxford Brookes

Date: 11th January 2018

Departing: Sunderland

Arriving: Liverpool


Our Drivers: Peter Guthrie, Paul Brown  



Please pass on my thanks to the two drivers, one being Peter, who took us to Anfield and back yesterday. It was a long day with us not returning to the Stadium until 9pm. Can you please pass on my thanks for their professionalism throughout the day.



Jas Singh, Education & Skills Lead, Central, East and South Durham


Ian Trennary Peter Guthrie 1 Stephen Henderson 1 Peter Guthrie 1