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Dedicated Disabled Access


We want to make sure all of our customers have easily accessible travel and therefore we have applied a lot of extra attention to make sure our Fleet have added features to tend to all our customers. One aspect we pay special attention to is our DDA (Dedicated Disabled Access). That's why our bus fleet and a select few from our coach fleet have DDA to ensure anyone who has physical difficulties can access the bus or coach. We do reiterate the difference between our bus and coaches as buses are usually intended for shorter journeys, whereby access is optimized and rudimentary seating in usually in place with limited leg room. Whilst coaches are usually intended for longer distance travel with added comfort. As seen in our header picture above!


With that being said our Dedicated Disabled Access Executive Coach is a Caetano Levante with 46 seats available when a wheelchair is stored (or 48 seats without). The executive coach has a wheelchair lift with a safe working load of 300kg. This is to include the wheelchair and occupant plus an assistant. However the vehicle is designed to carry a reference wheelchair. You will need to make sure that your wheelchair complies with the dimension set out in the diagram, to ensure correct and safe carriage. It also essential that it is a model which can be securely restrained in the coach. To make sure accessibility is easy on board the toilet has been purposely fitted to the rear of the saloon therefore no stairs need to be used to access the toilet. Furthermore this Executive Coach still has everything you would expect from our executive range including reclining seats, curtains, carpets and an on board Media player with TVs etc. As seen below.


Whilst alternatively our Bus Fleet have specified hydraulics, fitted with ramps or lifts to lower the entrance of the bus in accordance with the ground outside. Therefore the wheelchair can be either raised up though a lift or pushed up on a ramp to easily access the bus.



DDA 61 com disabled levante 3 wheelchairs