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Date:Saturday 2nd April 2016

Departing: Gateshead

Arriving: La Plagne, France

Our Driver: Andy Smith and Alan Richards



Constant communication from the drivers throughout the journey and the week.



David Ridley, Teacher I/C Ski Trip, Emmnauel College, Gateshead

      Andy Smith                  Alan Richards

Our client testimonials...

April 2016


   Mick Thurlaway

Date: Thursday 7th April 2016

Departing: Coventry

Arriving: Disneyland

Our Driver: Kevin Porter




Kevin was always polite, punctual and professional.  His driving skills were awesome.  We felt safe with Kevin driving and would recomend your company because Kevin was great.



Sara Shepherd, Director, Solihull Theatretrain

 Michael Thurlaway              

         Kevin Porter

Date: Thursday 8th April

Departing: Watford

Arriving: Disneyland

Our Driver: Ian Westgarth




Ian was an excellent driver.  He was friendly and helpful.  We would not hesitate to use the company again.  10/10.


Becky Willoughby, Centre Director, Theatretrain

Date: Thursday 8th April

Departing: Rugby

Arriving: Disneyland

Our Driver: Gordon Foster




Great Trip, driver was great and never late.  Can't fault.


S Baugh, Dance Teacher, Theatretrain


Date: Saturday 10th April

Departing: Bristol

Arriving: Prague

Our Driver: Andy Smith and Alan Richards




The drivers went above and beyond the call of duty.  Extremely professional, never lost their calm and very kind to people as well.  Couldn't have done this tour without them.


Lily Smith, Tour Manager, Bristol University

     Andy Smith                      Alan Richards

      Gordon Foster

      Ian Westgarth

Date: Thursday 8th April 2016

Departing: Maldon and Ipswich

Arriving:  Disneyland

Our Driver: Steve Henderson



Great service and no complaints.  Very impressed with the driver



Mark Everard, Centre Director, Theatretrain

  Steve Henderson

Date: Monday 4th April 2016

Departing: Yateley, Hampshire

Arriving: Amsterdam

Our Driver: Michael Thurlaway



We had a lovely coach that was comfortable and clean.  Mickey was highly professional and had fantastic time management.


Helen Wearing, Trip Leader, Yateley School

travelboundlogo travelboundlogo travelboundlogo travelboundlogo Westgarth

Date: Saturday 28th April 2016

Departing: Northampton

Arriving: Lille

Our Driver: Andy Smith


Comments: The drivers was punctual, efficient and happy to help.  They really enhanced our trip.  Thank you Alan and Andy.


Don Collins, Chairman, Youth Brass 2000, Northampton

     Andy Smith                      Alan Richards

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